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A Guided Metta Meditation

Metta Bhavana is a Buddhist meditation practice known as the development of universal loving-kindness. It belongs to a set of meditations called brahma-viharas, which roughly means ‘abode of the gods’. As such metta meditation is considered to help us experience positive and enjoyable mental states similar to the mental states of the beings in the Buddhist god-realm.

Interdependence, or Why We Are All One

Consider that it has been demonstrated that almost all quantum interactions produce entanglement. The particles of light (photons) from long dead stars that reach Earth millions of years after emanating from the original source are entangled with every atom they meet on their way to Earth. Now consider that we as living beings are emanating a steady stream of photos out into the universe for the duration of our existence. Those photons are inextricably entangled with us and also with everything they come in contact with as they journey out into the universe. It seems a likely conclusion that we are therefore interconnected with the objects the photons that emanate from us become entangled with. And those objects are entangled with still many more objects. It dawns that everything is, if not absolutely, potentially interconnected.