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How to Become More Intelligent

During my time in China I literally became more intelligent. I spent a month constantly bombarded by novel experiences beyond the current ability of my mind’s predictive powers. The patterns were different. When this happens our minds shift into learning mode. It’s almost like we are children again where we are constantly learning from everything. We then expand our existing store of patters and add new ones. We become more intelligent.

How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Many of us would like to have more self-confidence and all of us wish for success. So I’m going to tell you a secret. Your level of confidence is up to you. That’s right. How confident you are is in your own hands. Perhaps at this point you don’t know how this is so. Don’t worry I wrote this article to show you how your level of self-confidence is a result of some things you have been doing and exactly what you can do about it.