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On Fats and Fiction

What a busy time the New Year has been! If you’re anything like me and 99% of the rest of the population you ate and drank more of the things you and your body both know you shouldn’t over the Christmas and the New Year period. It always starts out so innocently. Oh, I’ll just have a little. Next thing you know it’s the middle of January and you find yourself blinking your way out of some sort of sugar induced coma after a roller coaster ride of substance abuse (that means food and drink people), the disturbed memories of which keep looming up out of the time fog.

How to Make a Realistic Plan

It requires intelligence to make a realistic plan because intelligence is the ability to adapt and learn from our environment. Events surrounding us are always in constant motion. Everything is changing and intelligence will allow us to adapt to the changes as they occur. Therefore any plan you determine should evolve as you situation evolves.