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Consider the time you were growing in your mother’s womb. A tiny replication. A reproduction growing like a new organ within your mother’s body. You were and are in a very deep sense of the body of your mother and father. Your flesh grew from the stuff of their flesh and you were connected at the navel through an umbilical cord to your mother. When she spoke you could hear her. What she felt you felt and what you felt she felt.

At one point there was just one thing, one physicality. Our physicality is the reproduction of our mother and father’s physicality. We are also born of what they ate, drank, breathed and thought. And we grow out of what we eat, drink, breath and think. So to it was the same for them. Your mother and father are of their mother and father’s bodies and their environment. And so on down the line into the mists of the ancient past. Perhaps all the way back to bacteria squirming in primordial soup.

The Reality of One
Humanity and the entirety of this earth, this solar system, this galaxy and the entirety of this universe then is just One body. But we have forgotten. We don’t recall the womb and we live our lives lacking vital perspective because we have forgotten. We feel separated from others. We are separated from our food and the loving energy exchange that is eating. Thereby we are separated from the earth. We live in endless cities that never sleep and often feel alone.

We are icebergs floating in the ocean of the universe. We look at ourselves and we look at our fellow humans, animals, plants, soil and water with limited physical senses and see distinct, discrete and separate entities. Over time the separateness is all that we come to know. However the iceberg is nothing more than the ocean in a different state. Fundamentally the iceberg is the ocean and the ocean is the iceberg.

Does it make sense to say that clouds or icebergs die? Of course not. An iceberg melts and rain falls from a cloud and both appear to the eyes to be no more. However, with a little insight it can be perceived that clouds and icebergs do not die. They simply transform.

Only Illusions Can Cease to Exist
How then can you or I die? Only when we see ourselves as distinct separate individual instances can we be said to die or to be born. Only then is there fear of death and all manner of mental contortions given over to formulating ideas about what the experience of death holds for us. Someone is born when their individuality can be found. Later, when their individuality cannot be found they are said to have died.

Where does this sense of individuality come from? We see ourselves as having distinctly separate bodies existing in space and time. This physically sensorial and limited observation conditions us until it becomes perception. When we perceive ourselves as individuals we come to own things, we are stolen from, insulted, we fear, we hate and we suffer.

However, remember that your physical body is not your body. It is your mother and father’s body whose body is their mother and father’s body who is their mother and father’s body who is born of this universe. We are the universe. And we are individuals. Not one and not two. We are both one and two. Thus individuality can be said to be illusionary. It is like an illusion in which one thing is made to seem like another.

We’re All Drops in an Ocean
Imagine an infinite ocean. When an individual drop of water falls into this infinite ocean one of two things can be said of it. It can be said that the drop is no more. The drop has become nothingness. It has lost its individuality and is no more. The individual is not. It is non-being. Or it can be said that the drop has become the ocean. Both are correct as far as they go and both are methods for describing the indescribable. The absolute.

All techniques of meditation are really unconditionings. After a while we no longer look beyond daily appearance and soon take the individual mind-body complex as the entirety of being. We thus become conditioned and come to identify with only the mind-body complex in which we move in space and time. Mind is not really a thing. Mind is a process that carries on incessantly with or without you. Ask anyone who sits down to meditate for the first time. Minding is a more applicable term for mind.

Minding and identification with the mind-body complex are like a disease. The application of a technique (lets call it meditation) or a spontaneous experience is necessary to realize the cure experientially. Otherwise the above discussion will not be real for you. You will be unable to experience the change in perception and thus there will be little if any real impact on the quality of your life. This is why intellectualizing is said to be of little use.

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