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Eat Real Food

As a reader of this website it is likely that you’re familiar with the concept of eating real food as being central to a life of heath and wellness. However, what precisely constitutes “real” food? Ask a random person today whether they eat “healthily” and they may well reply confidently that they do.

Dig a little deeper and it turns out that eating “healthy” to many people involves fruit juice, margarine, breakfast cereal, bread, vegetable oil, and so forth. They even may make sure they get a daily dose of vegetables.

So is this real food?

We’ll get to that in a moment. But first, what if I was to tell you that almost all mammals live on a high fat diet? Sounds a little crazy, eh? After all Gorillas eat mountains of highly fibrous vegetation and cows eat fields of grass. Sounds like a high carbohydrate diet no?

In fact, both animals ferment the fiber and carbohydrate they consume within their digestive systems. This fermentation process involves bacteria. The bacteria eat the carbohydrates in the form of starches, sugars and fiber and produce short chain saturated fatty acids for the “host” mammal. The net result of this process is in fact a high fat diet.

So what is real food? Watch the video to find out.

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Primordial Inspiration

For me there is something indescribably awesome about the below video that I just cant seem to capture with words. As I watch a shiver moves slowly up my spine, my eyes widen and my breathing quickens. It’s as if the ghosts of my primordial forebearers sleeping dormant within the kilometers of DNA coding within me, within the cells of this body, within the nuclei of each of the 100 trillion cells, are awoken.

There are elements within modern society that propagandize the bogus and misanthropic message that humans are weak and defenseless creatures. That you’re not supposed to eat other animals and we never did or we did only rarely because we don’t have claws or some other feature that predators classically possess.

Yet over the course of thousands upon thousands of years the snows have come as long ice ages descended and then receded again and again. Not all that long ago most of Europe was a treeless tundra with permafrost extended as far south as modern day France and Germany. Think about what that means for what those people had available to them to eat. Permafrost requires a jackhammer to dig in, it’s that hard and frozen. Think Mongolia. Go look at the traditional Mongolian diet. In contrast lush forest lands have been scorched by a relentless sun and in their place vast deserts have formed.

And yet with little more than sticks and stones your very ancestors survived, adapted and overcame. Think about that. Think about what that means about who and what you are. You’re not some pathetic weak creature that must cower indoors insulated away from the savage elements. You are the savage. You are the inheritor of a line of strength and natural wonder that stretches far back into the primordial mist of time.

This fact is so deeply inbuilt in human physiology that humans are seemingly healthiest, seemingly most primally vital, when placed under classic environmental pressures or stress. Hunger strengthens the body and the immune system, helps rejuvenate brain cells, weaken cancer cells, and prevents diabetes. Stress caused by radiation from the sun causes cholesterol in your skin to be converted into vitamin D.

If you deprive the human organism of natural healthy stressors, you affect its epigenetics and gene expression. Do that and you get a pathetic animal with little to no survival value. And that’s when mother nature in her great wisdom decides it’s time to take your ass out.

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