Balanced Existence (BE) is and always will be about helping those who both need and want help. Through Balanced Existence I’ve been able to turn the worse times of my life into the greatest of blessings. If you happen to be in a negative situation right now in your life, always remember that in time yin always changes into yang.

From the very inception of Balanced Existence I’ve recommended a select handful of products that I’ve personally benefited from using. Products like Kettlebells, Coconut oil, probiotics and olive leaf extract.

These products proved vital in the course of my journey from debilitating illness to holistic health and wellness. I passionately recommend such products because I know from experience and the experience of those who have followed my advice that they work.

Some of my recommendations are very specific. For example I only recommend Coconut oil that is certified organic and cold pressed. And for good reason. However, many times I’ve received emails from readers telling me that they are unable to locate these sorts of products where they live.

Enter the OpenSky Project
Some time ago I was contacted by a new company called The OpenSky Project. These people had a brilliant and innovative idea that will forever change the online shopping experience and wanted to know whether I wanted to be a part of it.

The OpenSky Project is a platform that empowers people such as myself to really live their passion. I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of The OpenSky Project and its community of experts because my passion, quite simply, is helping you. My passion is providing you with the tools whereby you can enrich the quality of your life.

So far the tools I’ve been able to provide have been limited to knowledge and information. Today I’m very excited to announce that in partnership with The OpenSky Project you will soon be able to purchase the products I personally use and recommend here on Balanced Existence directly through the Balanced Existence store.

The Balanced Existence Store
Currently a work in progress and located on The OpenSky Project website, The Balanced Existence Store will contain a very select group of quality products that I’ve personally used and found to be highly beneficial to my own health and wellness. The Balanced Existence Store will act as a logical extension of this website’s mission. If you’ve been reading Balanced Existence for a while many of the products will be familiar to you.

It is my ardent wish that the information here on Balanced Existence and the products soon to be made available act as a potent combination that positively enriches the quality of your life. May you be well.