Stephen\'s happy self-portrait

Stephen's happy self-portrait

It is a very useful skill to be able to clearly reappraise one’s present situation in life and current sense of direction and purpose. I’ve always been struck by the sense that my life could be very limited if I failed to be creative enough to think of new possibilities. New courses of action. New experiences to seek out. The problem is that if one is not creative and open to life to begin with one may fail to understand that the capacity to develop creative options, solutions and plans of action or life direction exists. Such in-the-moment reflective skill is not necessarily something that can be called upon in times of high stress and confusion if it has not been previously developed.

The next best option is to physically step out of the situation by getting away from everything within your daily routine to someplace quiet and solitary and definitely non-routine. The idea is that the mind is jarred out of its tracks by the new environment and in doing so new perspective can be acquired and creative life decisions formulated. Or the current course and past resolutions can be reaffirmed and returned to with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Just a few days ago I returned from a trip into the Australian Outback to a property where the closest neighbor is at least 5km away and the peace and quiet is so peaceful and quiet at night you can occasionally hear the faintest sound of trucks on a long lonely highway 20km away. This is the same place I visited alone last year just before beginning Balanced Existence. It’s a 12 hour drive north and west from where I live and spending a week alone in the wilds was quite an experience. During my time there I experimented with the nature of fear and experienced a number of interesting realizations.

You can read the full account here – Fear, Hate and Letting Go – followed by the second part here – Emotions Affect Your DNA.

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