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Coming from me this weight loss tip may sound contradictory. After all I freely admit I regularly eat organic full fat butter (though I very rarely eat bread), organic meat with whatever fat is attached, organic free-range eggs, organic full fat but sugar free yogurt, olive oil, avocados, and solid organic coconut oil right out of the jar. Of course you can see for yourself by checking out the photos that I’m far from fat.

According to metabolic typing I am a protein type. A quick look at the pie chart for protein types tells me that I should roughly eat a mix of 35% carbohydrates (fruit and vegetables, not processed carbs such as bread and pasta), 45% protein, and 20% oil and fats. Of the three general metabolic types – protein, mixed and carbohydrate – the protein type requires the largest daily portion of oil and fats.

Why am I telling you all this? For the simple reason that we have been told that a diet low in fat is good for us. No disagreement here. I agree 100%. The problem is most of the population has been erroneously led to believe “low fat” means 98% fat free. When really as according to a recent interview with Dr Clare Collins, associate professor in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Newcastle, low fat means less then 30% fat!

If you don’t know already you should know that when a product in your supermarket says “low fat” what it really means is “high sugar”. Knowing this the rampant rise of diabetes and obesity seems very unsurprising. So stay away from that processed junk and stay away from highly processed and fatty fast foods.

Instead learn about the different types of fats and which ones are actually good for you and which you should stay right away from. You can start here with coconut oil. Finally, eat only quality sources of fat such as from nuts (almonds, walnuts, and pecans are good), olives and olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and organic meat, eggs and yogurt.

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