Dedication to Lippy
Creative Commons License photo credit: bensonkua

He who defines himself,
can’t know who he really is.

If you realize that all things change,
there is nothing you will try to hold onto.
If you aren’t afraid of dying,
there is nothing you can’t achieve.

My practice is letting go. The more I let go the more I become free. Realize that self-definitions are merely concepts or symbolic labels, nothing more than a freeze frame of a moment in time. When you realize this it becomes easier to let go of our own self-imposed self-definition and just be, to just flow with existence.

Nor are you defined by such limitations as your country of birth, the state you live in, your religion, what you do for work, the type of hobbies you have, the education you experienced, the possessions you own or the childhood you had. These factors may be a part of you. However, they are not the whole you.

The whole you is as indescribable and ungraspable as the Tao itself.

There is no “other” without a “me”. There is no “me” without something to grab hold of.

You may try to grab hold of something. Trundle it out, dust it off and say hey look at that there, that’s me. But all you did was put yourself in a cage. Unfortunately, we try to put other human beings in cages to.

She or he who defines others,
as this or that;
will forever fail,
to know whom they really are.

Of course to truly let go I need to let go of letting go. But I find this isn’t so hard. After all practice makes perfect. Letting go isn’t like doing something anyway. It’s more like non-doing.

Letting go is not holding on. Things change, as it is their nature to do so. Simply letting them do so is letting go. You don’t actually need to do anything. Why struggle against the flow of the universe? What you burn up your life energy to grasp at is as ephemeral as a dream of a spring breeze playing in the morning sunshine.

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