Edit: Since this post is now a year old (as at September 2009) you can find more recent photos here: Still Walking the Talk One Year On.

In the last week, if you keep up with my blog, you would have been presented with an array of health and fitness information. I’ve covered a number of subjects including:

I refuse to take advice regarding health and fitness from a doctor or nutritionist who are themselves unhealthy or overweight. Sick people cannot help other sick people get well.

See my article entitled The Only Way to Truly Help Others to understand my personal philosophy regarding helping those who need help with their health and wellbeing. This website you are viewing right now is largely the product of the philosophy explained in that article.

I am someone who has been very sick on a number of occasions during my life. I had major open-heart surgery when I was seven, suffered from extreme migraines all through high school, and was struck down by chronic fatigue when I was twenty. I’ve overcome all these things and I cannot help but present others with what I have learned along the way. If anything I write helps just one person all this will be well worth my effort.

So, just as I would not take advice from an unhealthy and overweight person, I don’t expect you to either. To that end today my girlfriend took some photos of me while I played with my kettlebells. This way you can see the product of my knowledge and experience despite the hands life has dealt me.

The larger kettlebell in these photos is 70lbs and the smaller one is 44lbs. I’m still a baby compared to many experienced kettlebell lifters. Oh, and I don’t do any abdominal work at all. I let the kettlebell take care of my core strength.

Double Kettlebell Press

Double Kettlebell Press

Kettlebell Windmill & Pickup

Kettlebell Windmill & Pickup

You can see that traditional long slow cardio sessions are not necessary for fat loss or keeping fat off. I haven’t jogged for well over two years. What’s more my focus for the last couple of months has been purely strength and not weight management. I’ve only just started a high intensity interval phase. Also with winter now coming to an end here in Australia my body is towards the end of its natural cycle where it puts on weight over winter and drops it off as the weather heats up. By the time summer is here I will have dropped at least 10lbs of my current body weight simply as part of the natural cycle.

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