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Why Eating Less and Exercising More is Not the Answer for Fat Loss

On an Internet forum I read an older woman recently started a thread about her current weight loss problem. According to her post she has been doing 40 – 50 minutes of exercise 6 times a week and eating a “healthy balanced diet of about 1,400 calories a day”. This involved no sugar, very little carbohydrates and good fats. She has lost 30lbs so far but now the weight loss has stopped dead.

Cauliflower vs. Bread

In the second part of this article I will provide you with a genius way to consume more fibrous non-starchy vegetables such as Cauliflower that really does taste great while being amazingly good for your health and wellbeing. Before getting into how to make the cauliflower dish I’d like to demonstrate a comparison between a serving of Cauliflower (1 cup) and a serving of high quality light rye bread (2 slices).