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The Rebel Zen Guide to Psychedelic Meditation

Follow the instructions and your meditation practice will be off to a fantastic clear-headed start. If you have an interest in meditation but are unsure of where or how to start I highly recommend you read Rebel Zen and the Art of Psychedelic Meditation. With Seamus’ ebook you will avoid the common affliction of beginners who are often plagued with doubts as to whether what they are doing and experiencing is correct.

How to Boost Immune Function and Overcome Chronic Fatigue

In my previous article on chronic fatigue we examined the relationship between chronic fatigue and the Epstein Barr virus and what you can do about it. Today I wish to continue with more practical advice so that you can continue to take action to overcome chronic fatigue. The things I will be talking about are things I’ve learned about the hard way through my own personal battle with chronic fatigue.