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The Courage to Keep on Dreaming

Whatever the roadblocks that stands in the way of your dreams you will discover creative ways in which to overcome them. If you can’t do it alone through your sheer passion you will recruit others who can help your cause. Failure is not an option. Nor is giving up simply because it’s going to take too long. If you do that then again you were never following your dreams to begin with. You were just trying to do something that sounded like a good idea. That is not a dream. It’s a passing fancy.

Why You Need Courage to Dream

In part one – – I introduced the difference between idle fantasy and dreams. It is the journey of our dreams that give our lives meaning. In part two I urged you to Take Hold of Your Birthright. As powerful beings our dreams sweep others along and drive us forward. Our lives become filled with energy and passion. But why did Sidney A. Friedman say that it required courage to dream? That is the subject of today’s post.