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The Battle of the Diets

Professor Gardner is a twenty-five year vegetarian and has recently completed the largest and longest-ever comparison of four popular diets using real-world conditions. The diets in his study are the Ornish diet, the Zone diet, the LEARN diet (this is the diet recommended by academics and therefore the standard diet recommended by the American government i.e. the food pyramid) and the Atkins diet.

Cauliflower vs. Bread

In the second part of this article I will provide you with a genius way to consume more fibrous non-starchy vegetables such as Cauliflower that really does taste great while being amazingly good for your health and wellbeing. Before getting into how to make the cauliflower dish I’d like to demonstrate a comparison between a serving of Cauliflower (1 cup) and a serving of high quality light rye bread (2 slices).