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Could a Good Night’s Sleep Stop Cancer?

Human health for example and cancer specifically has defied millions if not billions of dollars of research money. The state of a single individual human being involves a great deal of complexity and depends on an almost incomprehensible number of variables stretching back into the distant past. Generally scientific research for good reason tends to try to limit the variables. However, the lack of meta or holistic perspective among the general establishment is stark.

Achieve Happiness by Awakening to Your Belief System

Belief rules the world you and I live in. Humans have beliefs about all manner of things and it is our beliefs that determine for you and I what is and is not possible in our lives. The beliefs we hold dictate how we react to events and to new information. The beliefs that concern me the most are the ones I don’t know I have because to the degree that I operate on unidentified beliefs it the degree to which I am not free. So how can we recognize previously unidentified personal beliefs?