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Your Imaginary Boundaries are Making You Unhappy

A body bound consciousness senses the world with just 5 highly limited apparatus, which send signals to the brain. The brain then interprets those signals and presents you with your world. You have a body and across some “space” (which happens in reality to be teeming) other people have bodies. There you are, an individual, and there they are. Distinct separations. However you’ve been fooled. There is no separation and the only reason you think you are you is because you have experienced a persistent feeling of I-ness. You also experience this “I” as distinct. As separate. As continuous. But you only began to experience your “I” once you had a body. So your “I” is dependent upon you having a body. It’s connected and in reality dependent.

Your imaginary boundaries are the reasons why you feel hate, greed and jealousy. Why you think everyone is stupid as if you were perfectly incapable of your own special brand of stupidity. Why all you see is bits of straw in everyone else’s eyes while you are blinded by the rafter in your own eye.

Language, Culture & Reality

Human language is believed to be less than 40,000 years old. There are fire pits and stone tools made by humans over 2,000,000 years old. This means human language is as artificial as a car. Human language as symbolic representation is a human invention. If you look at it a certain way language is a type of telepathy. I have a thought in my mind and I make small mouth noises, which vibrate the immediate atmosphere. These vibrations are picked up by the apparatus in your ear and are interpreted by your brain. Then you have my thought in your mind. Telepathy.