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True Love is Unconditional

We all want to be loved, so consider the message of the single most loved figure in history – Jesus. He said love your neighbor as yourself. He even said love your enemy. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you, and so on. Considering how we all wish to be loved and the example of the most loved figure in history our course is clear. It’s not hard to see that the most powerful way to receive love is to give it. The more of it you give the more of it you have. When you give it to “others” you give it to your “self”. By giving unconditional love you will attract true love to yourself.

The Power of an Inner Smile and the Law of Entrainment

We each are confronted daily with stress and anger that is projected outwards by others. Beginning in the morning with road rage on the way to work, taken up by a stressed snappy boss, followed by another dose of traffic gridlock on the way back home and topped off by our grouchy, stressed and exhausted partners who come home from work after soaking up this sort of thing all day long.

A few years ago I decided to try an experiment. I had been reading about the secret of the inner smile and wanted to test it under the pressure of modern life. Whenever I drove in traffic I would maintain a small smile, just a little uplifting of the corners of my mouth. I would smile quite literally to myself. The energy of my smile directed towards myself. It works as a feed back loop. If some other person smiles at you this feels good and there is a tendency to smile back. So smiling at myself made me feel good which made me smile even more which made me feel even better, and so on.