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Emotions Affect Your DNA

They found that as the emotions changed the DNA changed in the presence of emotions such as joy and love as well as anger, hate, and jealousy. So there already is scientific evidence that shows that just as soon as you give something out – emit an emotion – you’re getting it right back. Therefore the haters in effect hate on themselves. Those who turn towards love and joy and compassion for others get right back.

Fear, Hate & Letting Go

About a month ago I set out by myself for a property in a very isolated part of the country. The closest neighbor is at least 5km away and there is nothing but forest and wild animals including packs of dingoes and pigs. Essentially I went into the wild. It was a twelve-hour drive from where I live in Sydney just to get there. I didn’t have any sort of plan of what I was going to do there or even why I was going except that I had been going flat out for the previous 15 or so months and I felt like it was time for some isolation in nature to recharge.