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The Ego, Intelligence and Quantum Collapse

When identified with the ego one is always rushing around boosting the ego-identity with the idea of being the doer of things even if those things are thoughts. In calmness there is a slowing down and a shifting of consciousness away from immediate local signals allowing consciousness to expand. This helps to shift the identity from the ego (where one barely retains the free will to say no to conditioning) to the quantum self because the gap between thought and action increases and so a freer exercise of the choice of the quantum self is possible. Thus the exercise of creative wisdom in manifestation is possible. This is the choice to do, not to do, or to do something else.

Freedom, Creativity & the Quantum Self

In an unmindful being there is no superposition (the sum of all probabilities) of quantum possibilities from which consciousness in creative wisdom may select and so collapse the quantum wave function into manifest reality. The state of being unmindful results in conditioned responses to stimuli replaying regardless of suitability of that response to the situation, lack of wisdom and often despite the knowledge that suffering will result. As an example if I, for some reason, was to become angry and my girlfriend walked into the room at that moment to ask me a simple question and I was to carry my irritation over into my interaction with her it is obvious that I will cause myself further suffering because she will then return my own anger to me. The antidote to this is mindfulness.