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Undefined Abstraction

My practice is letting go. The more I let go the more I become free. Realize that self-definitions are merely concepts or symbolic labels, nothing more than a freeze frame of a moment in time. When you realize this it becomes easier to let go of our own self-imposed self-definition and just be, to just flow with existence.

Cultivating an Awareness of Existence

As individual human beings in a sense we tend to be highly centralized on ourselves, fixated and almost entirely caught up by whatever is going on at the moment. By being caught up all the time we lose valuable perspective in regards to what is important, what we should expend our energy on and lose a sense of joy and wonder in regards to life. That said, self-centralization is understandable since whenever something happened in the experience of our lives there we were. Our sense of ‘I’ feels as if it has always been with each of us, for as long as we can remember.