I wholeheartedly believe that weight bearing exercise is vitally important for everyone baring a real medical condition. I don’t know how it has come to it that many women feel that they shouldn’t pick up heavy (for them) objects. Weight bearing is probably the single best thing you can do for bone health. Why would your body keep dense strong bones around if you never ever send it environmental signals by bearing heavy (for you) weight that tells your body it needs to do so?

Here is my brief workout from today. It wasn’t hard, it didn’t hurt and it didn’t take long. However, I moved a reasonable amount of weight and felt better and stronger when I finished then I did when I started. I’m going to post my workouts every time I do one from now on so you can see what it is I do and how I progress. Hopefully this will help you to feel motivated if you need it and to give you some ideas if you need those as well.

Turkish Get-Ups (TGU)
Warmed up with 1 x 16kg kettlebell TGU left and right. Then with my modified 37kg kettlebell I worked with the left arm from the roll to press then back down, adding each next step as the next rep sequentially until I hit the high hip position and back down. This was repeated on the right side. Then I finished off with a single rep up to the high hip position left and right, again with 37kg.

Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press (BUP)
I worked a single and then a double with 22.5kg left and right and then worked singles left and right in between deadlift singles, finishing with a double left and right, for 11 reps total.

Conventional Deadlift
110kg x 15 singles, with short breaks between singles – mostly occupied with BUPs.

Ab Wheel
5 second holds from the knees x 5 reps for 2 sets.

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