A while back I shared a motivational technique I’ve successfully used when I needed to get myself highly motivated. However there are times even when we are highly motivated that we will experience a bit of a slump. Your energy may be low. You may feel as if inspiration and creativity have left the building.

At times like these one simple piece of anti-procrastination wisdom can solve all your problems – Just start.

Yup, you read correctly. Whatever the task is at hand, just start it. Too many times to count I’ve found myself bereft of inspiration when I had a task such as writing an article before me.

However, time and again I’ve found that if I just make a start with whatever it is I know I do want to write about soon I become absorbed in my task and the floodgates of inspiration and creativity open once more.

It doesn’t matter whether what I first write ends up being somewhere in the middle or not used at all. It doesn’t matter that what I first write may be far from perfect. Often times if I just write down some bullet points and begin to expand on each I enjoy a flow on effect. New bullet points come to mind and what a moment before was work becomes effortless.

So, whatever task it is you have before you, however menial, simply take action and start it. Your mental anguish that arises through procrastination is not a product of the task itself. It is the product of your attitude towards the task.

Start the task in whatever imperfect manner and soon it will consume your attention. Your procrastination problem will then be resolved.

What are some ways you’ve found help you overcome your procrastination?

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