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In the first part of this article I introduced the idea that our medical systems are sick systems not health systems. They are systems in which disease and death are studied furiously. However, studying illness, sickness and disease tells us very little about good health. It tells us very little about what the healthiest amongst us do that helps them to remain that way. So today I would like to share with you the key signs you can look for that will tell you that your current eating habit (diet) is right for you.

The diet that is best for your unique genetic makeup that evolved out of very specific environmental pressures is one that plays to your genetic strengths and not your genetic weaknesses. Evolution is the paradigm that governs biology and we are biological organisms. Therefore, evolution is the only way in which correct nutritional decisions make sense. However, while we may all be as different on the inside as we are on the outside the signs of a correct diet remain constant.

The Signs
If you’re eating the right foods for your unique body put together in the right meal combination you should be able to go for approximately four hours between meals without feeling hungry. Throughout your day you should experience a consistent sense of mental clarity and enjoy good steady energy levels. When stress comes your way your capacity to handle that stress should be quite a bit better than most of the people you observe around you. If your diet is right for you then after workouts you should recover quickly with minimal soreness. You should have no cravings. You should eliminate one foot or 30cm of solid waste (poop) from your body each day. In general you should enjoy a general sense of wellbeing.

Some dead simple tips you can implement right away include eating some sort of protein with every main meal. That could be raw nuts such as walnuts (good source of OMEGA-3 fatty acid), fish, free range or organic chicken, eggs, grass fed beef and so forth. While you’re doing that make sure you rotate your food to simulate the conditions of diverse food sources our nomadic ancestors evolved under. Remember evolution governs nutrition and physiologically humans haven’t changed in 100,000 years. That means you’re a modern woman or man walking around in a cave woman or man’s body.

Farming has only been around for less than 6,000 years. If you eat the same thing every day eventually it will make you sick. This is one reason why allergies are such a big problem today. Everything on the supermarket shelves has peanuts, soy, wheat and yeast extract in it. Also organic sugar even though it is organic is still junk. Have some berries in organic plain sugar free yogurt instead. Or have an apple. If you have cravings eat some protein. It’s the most satiating type of food available. Don’t be afraid of fat if it comes from good natural sources like animals that have lived the way nature intended them to. Drink the right amount of good clean water.

What to Do Now
Now that you know what to look for from a diet that is right for you can begin to experiment with your diet. Change something and pay attention to what your body tells you. Tweak something else and listen. This is the path to good health as in most cases diet is the single biggest stress your body experiences each day. Diet is a simple way to exponentially improve the quality of your life.

I know from long hard life experience that without your health you are very likely to watch your dreams pass you by. Yet, with good health anything is possible. It’s not hard or difficult. Simply begin today to listen to your body and make small adjustments. Stay positive, keep learning and learn to stop struggling through life. Realize that this is the only game in town. Soon the small drops fill the bucket.

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