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When I consider the fundamental philosophy behind health systems of the modern world I see, as I think any clear thinking person would, that these systems are sick systems. These medical systems are not health systems. The entire focus is completely misdirected in the absolute opposite direction of health. The complete focus of attention in modern medical systems is on sickness, illness and disease.

I have to wonder – Why are healthy people not being studied? If Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can model human excellence so that anyone can apply it in their own lives then why not model the absolute healthiest amongst us. Why not study what it is they do, what they eat, what they drink, what their attitude to the vicissitudes of life is like and in general how it is that such people live. Would not studying an outstanding model of health lead to a much more effective understanding of health itself?

Certainly, many within the medical systems do great things. I experienced open heart surgery when I was seven years old and thanks to the entire system that supported the event I am able to lead a full and active life. Thus, I give medical science its due but no more than its fair due. Very clearly much of our thinking in regards to health has become muddled.

Clearing the Air
I would like to share with you a number of signs that you can look for within your own daily life as an effective means to self-assess whether your current diet is right for you. Whether your diet is serving you well and contributing to the overall quality of your life or whether your diet is the single biggest source of negative stress on your body and in your life, as is the case with the vast majority of people today. Going further these signs of a good diet that I’m going to share with you can be used as a map of sorts to guide you along the path towards better health and a far greater quality of life.

In the second part of this article I will describe the key signs to look for that your diet is right for you. I will also provide some tips that I feel are critical for you to continue to move along the path to vibrant good health. To make sure you catch the next part of this article why not subscribe?

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