Journey - First Step
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My blog here at Balanced Existence is still a baby at this point. Soon after I started it on 14 August 2008 I set down what at the time I thought were ambitious targets for growth. Now, here at the end of September, after the first full month of being live, I can happily say that I clearly had no clue when it came to traffic potential.

I laugh at myself now to think that I set my key traffic target for September at 2,000 unique visitors. I did this because I felt that if I hit the target it would show to me that bloging was something worth pursuing further. Well here we are at the end of September and Balanced Existence has received in excess of 20,000 visits from almost 75 different countries and served over 50,000 page views!

Together with a sudden Page Rank of 3 bestowed by Google upon my home page I’ve taken this as a clear indication that there is a place here in the blogosphere for me. It has been very fulfilling already to hear from people who have found information on my health and personal development blog that has helped them in some way to affect positive change in their lives. I love presenting information that is beyond the scope of the mainstream. A lot of that sort of thing here has been in the areas of health, nutrition and diet, and fitness. I hope you have found my articles in these areas interesting and informative so far. If you have, stay tuned because there are lots more where they came from.

In fact I have an ever-expanding list of topics to write about. Every day that I get out and do things in life I feel the passion grip me to write about what I’ve learned and what I’ve been thinking about. Now, looking forward to the future once more I find myself having to rethink my ideas of what represents true indicators of success. Today I scrapped my old targets and set new ones.

My Turn to Say Thankyou!
You may have noticed the recent addition of Google’s Adsense advertising to Balanced Existence. Having decided to pursue health and personal development blogging as my full-time vocation I make no secret of the fact that to do so Balanced Existence must produce a reasonable income for me to live on. The state of the world is such that money is necessary. I’ve never seen any wisdom in trying to fight the system. That does not mean however that I’m suggesting we should just give up on our dreams and mesh willingly with the machinery of society as just another cog in the machine. Far from it.

Once we figure out how it is the system works we can then use our intelligence to devise a plan that will allow us to work with the system while remaining to some degree beyond it. So as time goes by you will see more advertising at Balanced Existence. If ever you feel it is excessive or detracts from your experience here then I ask that you please do let me know. You can contact me at any time by using the form on the contact page. I am open to all criticisms.

I would like extend a big thankyou to everyone who has visited Balanced Existence thus far. I sincerely hope you received a great return on your investment of time spent here. I would especially like to thank everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments and responding to them. Please always feel free to leave a comment whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say, have a question or would like to have some help in finding further resources on a subject. I’m always happy to help in any way I can. That is why I started Balanced Existence.

What were Your September Successes?
That said I would like you to share your September successes by leaving a comment below. Or if you experienced some setbacks this month what things in your life should you be reminding yourself that you are grateful for? Also I would love to hear any comments you might have regarding my writing, any criticisms you might have and especially what topics you would like to see covered in the future. Balanced Existence is here for you and here to stay.

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