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Seamus Anthony from Rebel Zen Media recently released an ebook entitled Rebel Zen and the Art of Psychedelic Meditation. While I’m certainly no expert I have been meditating for roughly eight years now. During that time I’ve had many different experiences during meditation. When I heard of a book proposing to be a guide to achieving psychedelic experiences in a natural and healthy manner through meditation I was immediately interested.

Despite my experience with meditation I feel more a beginner now then I did when I first started. Over the years I have enjoyed some highly blissful states both during meditation sessions and for a time afterwards. I’m not of an opinion that enjoyment of bliss during meditation is bad.

Spiritual practice or personal development need not be austere and painful. The mental and physical bliss that arises during meditation is a product of the meditation itself. It can be the sign of meditation. As a physical and/or mental sensation it can be used just like the breath or the rise and fall of the abdomen as something to focus on and clean the mind.

In his ebook Seamus explains that he has been experimenting with meditation since the mid-90’s. His aim was to replicate the highs of drugs such as LSD and DMT naturally and so without the nasty health and social side effects. This interested me because humans have used naturally occurring DMT in plants for shamanistic purposes for millennia.

Further despite DMT being illegal in many countries it is a substance that has been found in normal human blood, spinal fluid and is even actively transported by the human brain across the blood-brain barrier. There is some serious evidence that if we go deep enough within, within eventually becomes beyond.

The Balanced Existence Review
Seamus was kind enough to provide me with a copy of his ebook and I enjoyed reading it immensely. His writing style is straightforward and uncomplicated without being simplistic and generally lighthearted and humorous.

In his ebook on psychedelic meditation Seamus ensures no reader is naive to the fact that while a natural high through meditation is possible it is unlikely to be easy. Things of this nature require time, effort and persistence. They also require the development of certain skills. Seamus does a great job of breaking down the necessary skills for achieving psychedelic experiences through meditation and clearly explains how to acquire such skills.

The whole tone of the ebook is relaxed and everything is explained very clearly. If you have never meditated before you will be able start right away and begin to enjoy the benefits of a meditation practice. Sure full-blown psychedelic experiences may not occur immediately (and chances are they wont) but despite the ebook’s emphasis on psychedelic experiences Seamus does a great job of explaining the many other benefits of meditation.

Rebel Zen and the Art of Psychedelic Meditation presents a refreshing break away from the complications of many spiritual orientated texts that for a modern rational intellect appear to contain confusing and convoluted metaphors. There is no excessive or superfluous information. Seamus takes the time to bust some common myths surrounding meditation. He also does a good job of preparing the reader for the array of experiences you are likely to encounter and what to do about them when they happen.

There are regular reviews in convenient bullet point format of the information covered so far which makes vital points easy to remember and simple to refer back to later. Truthfully I wish I had this book eight years ago when I first started meditating. Rebel Zen and the Art of Psychedelic Meditation is a fantastic modern guide to non-spiritualistic meditation in plain English.

I say non-spiritualistic but don’t let that and the ebook’s title fool you. Seamus includes a good deal of information regarding other benefits a meditation practice can bring into our lives. This includes the more subtle benefits of a meditation practice including the ability to let go. Letting go is something I wish the whole world (including me often enough) got. The more we let go the better the quality of our lives.

Who Should Read?
Follow the instructions and your meditation practice will be off to a fantastic clear-headed start. If you have an interest in meditation but are unsure of where or how to start I highly recommend you read Rebel Zen and the Art of Psychedelic Meditation. With Seamus’ ebook you will avoid the common affliction of beginners who are often plagued with doubts as to whether what they are doing and experiencing is correct.

If you have meditated in the past but since stalled in your practice and are looking for a way to get started again I suggest you will find that way in Rebel Zen and the Art of Psychedelic Meditation. Even more experienced regular meditation practitioners could benefit from the light of heart clarity that this ebook generously shares.

Everything you need to get started and to enjoy a regular meditation practice is clearly explained. Even if you run into something you may be unsure of you can easily visit the guys over at Rebel Zen and ask questions. I’m sure they will be happy to help.