This is the second part of an article that began with How to Skillfully deal with Suffering in the World.

When I was twenty I ended up with chronic fatigue and lost the job I had worked hard all through high school to get along with about 30kg. At the time I was also attending university. Both my career and studies came to a grinding halt. It took two long years to get out of the deep black hole of fatigue I ended up in. In many respects I have these experiences to thank for the fact that health and wellbeing have become the absolute top priorities of my life. I’ve learnt from painful experience that without your health you have nothing. If good health is yours anything is possible. Amazingly the journey back up after being struck down by chronic fatigue has taken me places and opened up opportunities that I never imagined possible.

So while I have been what most people would consider fit, strong and healthy for a long time now at the beginning of the year a number of things really clicked in terms of achieving better health. I really started to inform myself and to enact what I thought was the best plan. That plan changed often as I assimilated more information but it has brought me to where I am now, eight months later. Now, I am stronger and more conditioned then I have ever been in my life. My eating habits are the best they have ever been, my energy levels are very high which flows into new creative projects and I am able to handle stress better then ever.

This personal transformation of mine has had an unforeseen consequence. When I first started out eight months ago I really only aimed at improving my own health. However one law of this universe is that of entrainment. You can experience this law in the cheeping of insects. They all do it in time. Women who live in a dorm together will begin to menstruate at the same time of the month. Dissected frogs hearts all beat in time. So as a result of my new level of energy and being the lives of those around me have been positively affected. My girlfriend’s eating habits are outstanding and she finally had the energy and courage to go through the process of realigning a twisted pelvis five years after the accident that caused it. My mother no longer wakes up unable to feel her hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome. My father started taking bottles of water with him to work, reduced his coffee intake and he no longer goes so long without eating. My best friend has made huge strides in his diet, now trains boxing with me regularly and works out with a kettlebell.

The story does not end there. This new level of being has radiated outwards. Each person who has been affected by the entrainment to my higher energy state is now as a result affecting others. As an example my girlfriend is now helping her mother who has type 2 sugar diabetes to conquer her disease. The moral is – when you see suffering and pain in the world do not lower your state of being. Instead continue to work on improving your own energy state and you will positively affect the lives of many others through the law of entrainment. It is my sincere wish that you may find here at whatever it may be you need to raise your own state of being to a higher order. In this my role is minuscule. I will simple write of my own experience of the journey of personal development. In the words of Gandhi – be the change you want to see in the world. The universe in its infinite intelligence will take care of the rest.

May you be well.

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