As you know The Balanced Existence Store is part of the OpenSky community platform. What you may not know is that the OpenSky community is filled with a growing number of fantastic experts. Each of who bring their own particular passion and established following to the OpenSky community.

In the community spirit in which OpenSky was founded I will be focusing once a month on a particular expert shopkeeper. This month that shopkeeper expert is Candace Stupek (pictured left).

Candace is a Personal Trainer, Figure Competitor and Mother of three. Candace’s passion is empowering you to embark on a healthy lifestyle change while maintaining your home, your career and your family.

What can you find in Candace’s store? Personally I think the EatSmart Nutritional Scale looks like a very useful purchase and the High Density Foam Roller is something everybody that works out seriously should use.

Don’t forget that you can get 10% off everything at OpenSky, including products in the Balanced Existence Store, until November 15, 2009 by using the coupon code: Stephen1009.

In Other News
As you may have noticed the Balanced Existence Channel on YouTube is now up and taking its first baby steps out into the Internets. I highly encourage you to subscribe to the Balanced Existence Channel as there will be new videos going up regularly from now on. With your support the Balanced Existence Channel will quickly become the number one “Guru” YouTube channel of Australian origin. So check it out and subscribe today.

According to Technorati, Balanced Existence is currently ranked among the top 30 Health Blogs on the Internet (currently No. 28).

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