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I wont keep you in suspense. The answer to the question does meat decompose in your digestive tract prior to elimination is yes and most certainly it does not. That sounded a little bit conflicting didn’t it? Perhaps I should explain.

To begin with I do suppose that it is possible for meat to decompose as it sits in your digestive system. However, you would have to have the digestive speed of a sloth with a bad case of chronic fatigue for it to sit in there for that long. We’ve all heard the stories of how the average American has so much undigested meat sitting in their intestines. While that is hideous it is not the fault of the meat that it is stuck in there. The key word here is undigested.

Organic Meat and Overcooking
I just finished up eating lunch. It consisted of a small organic grass fed steak with a little sea salt, cracked pepper and thyme together with a big raw carrot, some raw spinach and sugar free organic plain yogurt. I cooked the steak, which was about one and a half inches thick, for approximately a minute on each side. Basically I just seared it on the outside and left it very rare on the inside. Damn it was good to!

Oh, and on the issue of salt. Table salt is a poisonous chemical that does not occur in nature. So when the doctor is talking about how salt causes heat problems they are talking about the poison stuff not actual unprocessed sea salt, which contains many important minerals the body needs.

It is quite likely that you’re screwing your face up right about now at the thought of eating meat that is almost raw. What about parasites? What about mad cow disease? And other such questions are probably running through your head. My answer is quite simply that I know where my steak came from. In England when mad cow disease was rampant the cows that were not catching it were the ones that had been farmed organically. That is the ones who had been fed what they are supposed to eat and which had not been given neither bovine growth hormone nor antibiotics.

As for parasites, they don’t do very well in the body of a cow that is roughly ph neutral because it has been eating grass. Feed a cow grain such as corn however and the cow’s digestive environment becomes acidic which is the perfect environment for parasites to flourish. I’m sure you’re starting to see a pattern here in the difference between animals that eat what they are supposed to and those who are like a science experiment on four legs.

Hands up anyone who has ever seen a herd of cows in nature growing corn, harvesting it and standing around in a feedlot eating it? Anyone? Much like we have to eat what our human body is adapted to for us to be healthy an animal must also eat what it naturally eats for it to be healthy. And if you eat animals that are unhealthy how can you possibly expect to be healthy yourself?

So I cooked the stake I ate for lunch rare. Why? Well, raw meat just like raw vegetables contains enzymes. Enzymes are bimolecules that catalyze which means they increase the rate of chemical reactions. There are important enzymes in our saliva, which is one reason why we are told to chew our food well as it mixes the enzymes in our saliva into the food. The enzymes then aid in the breaking down of that food. Enzyme reaction rates are generally millions of times faster than those of comparable un-catalyzed reactions.

Also just like vegetables if you over cook meat you kill the enzymes that were in that food. What has to happen then for proper digestion to occur is your pancrease must manufacture the enzymes for the body. The problem is, if you are like many people in the modern world and consume far too much sugar, your pancrease is probably already overworked because it has been going nuts producing all the insulin your body needs to deal with all the sugar you’ve been shoveling into it. The impaired pancreatic function does not bode well for proper digestion and elimination of your overcooked food, meat or otherwise.

Dehydration and Constipation
When your don’t give your body the water it needs it then goes ahead and scavenges it from your organs, from your central nervous system and from your digestive system. I don’t think I have to tell you that that is a bad thing. Before I go any further if you would like to know exactly how much water you should be consuming every day then please see my article – Juice Causes Diabetes.

If you have a dry mouth then you are dehydrated. If you get heartburn then you are dehydrated. In that case your body will not produce adequate digestive enzyme containing saliva. As a result the food you’ve just chewed will not be properly prepared for further digestion in the stomach and intestines.

When water gets scavenged from the mucus membrane of the colon there is not sufficient lubrication. This results in constipation because the bowl movements become difficult to pass. The colon will also recycle water from fecal matter within the colon. So when you become dehydrated your colon will squeeze water out of the feces it contains. The sum result is an unlubricated colon filled with compressed dry fecal matter. That, my friend, equals serious constipation which if not rectified will be closely followed by a host of health problems.

Before I finish you should know that when Dr. Weston A. Price made his pioneering studies of primitive peoples around the world, he was struck by the fact that almost every group he visited ate a certain amount of their meat raw.

What then is the real answer to the question does meat decompose in the gut? The conclusion I draw is that sure it’s possible. If you’re eating commercially farmed feedlot meat, cooking it literally to death and walking around with it inside you for days because you’re sick and constipated. Otherwise, if you’re doing what nature intended you to be doing the answer is no, it certainly does not.

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