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How can you get other people to behave just how you wish they would? The answer is beautifully simple:

Be, yourself, whatever it is that you want others around you to be.

This is known in hypnosis as “going first”. As a simple example if you happen to smile at some person you effectively “go first” and most often your reward is a smile or at the very least a kind thought in return.

Elegantly a positive outcome is the only possible outcome of this type of “manipulation” of others. No one is purposely going to be an asshole so that they can suffer to live amongst assholes. Using this principle no one is going to self-inflict horrible soul sucking people on themselves by being such a horrendous soul sucking person.

This is all the reason one needs to be the very best human being one could possibly be. If you strive towards such a goal you will “go first” for others and take them along with you for the ride. And then you can enjoy living amongst real actualized human beings that anyone would feel blessed to have in their life.

Now you know this you also must understand the responsibility we each have by being in the world. We each possess and are responsible for a massive amount of power to affect the world. If you suddenly realize one day that your life is full of hateful negative people you may need to take a potentially painful but necessary reality check in regards to just what sort of person you are, just what sort of reality you are creating around yourself and consider just why you are attracting such people into your life.

Be the change you want to see in the world and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Because they will.

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