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Human language is believed to be less than 40,000 years old. There are fire pits and stone tools made by humans over 2,000,000 years old. This means human language is as artificial as a car. Human language as symbolic representation is a human invention. If you look at it a certain way language is a type of telepathy. I have a thought in my mind and I make small mouth noises, which vibrate the immediate atmosphere. These vibrations are picked up by the apparatus in your ear and are interpreted by your brain. Then you have my thought in your mind. Telepathy.

The human race is caught up in a process of unfolding complexification. Perhaps we are not pushed from behind by the causal unfolding of history as is supposed. Rather it may be we are in the grip of an attractor – something ahead of us in time. We may not be taking a random walk across the temporal landscape. And by saying this I do not imply that we have no self-determination and that fate is fixed. However, what if something is revealing itself to us, through us? The chatter and noise in the world is increasing exponentially. We now have a readily accessible dimension separate from 3-dimentional space that did not exist just a few years ago. I’m talking about the Internet.

Currently we move into the future like a person driving a car who uses only the rear view mirror to do so. That is how we historically have tried to apprehend the future. Models of what lie ahead are based upon inverted models of the past. Obviously this does not work. A person in 1900 would have been wrong about the late 1990’s. A person standing in 1600 would have been wrong about the early 1900’s. We currently use the past to extrapolate into the future.

What if the future cannot be rationally apprehended? The world is not only stranger then we suppose it is stranger then we can suppose. How then can it be apprehended? I suggest through the ability to assimilate paradox. The idea of a closed logical system must be transcended, as this is not what is actually going on in reality. Try living with the idea that there is no intellectual closure. This is called freedom but we are taught that this is madness. In western thought we are taught that things cannot be both A and B simultaneously. This is as old as thought in the west.

This however can be overcome through the felt presence of immediate experience. Whenever you transcend the dimensional confines of cultural existence say in the psychedelic experience or in ordeals or in a state of mind that is the result of a certain training of the mind (e.g. meditation) you can see that culture is a game. You will also see that culture is not your friend. By this I mean not just the large overarching cultures such as Japanese Culture or American Culture. I’m referring also to the splintered sub-cultures: goth, punk, corporate, rock and roll, yuppie, rap, skater, and so on.

None of these cultures are your friend. All they do is narrow you down as if one facet of you was the totality. They also help you put up imaginary boundaries. Suddenly there are people within your culture who you identify with and there are people who are not in your culture. People not within your culture are ridiculed, hated, despised, considered stupid. As if your narrow little definition of being is suddenly the only way of being and all others who do not see it that way are wrong. Cultural narrowing thus ends in ignorance. You are no longer yourself. You are what your culture or sub-culture says you should be. Someone once said that if you do not control your mind someone else will. Consider that for a moment and really notice perhaps for the first time just how much of what you do is by consciously aware free choice as opposed to the product of prior conditioning.

Take a step outside of things and you will see the many levels at play. Enter into the chaos and see that it is not chaos. Dissolve your imaginary boundaries. See that really they do not exist. What you know about the world is defined by your culture and this works through language. We even think in the language of our respective cultures. Our thoughts are confined within the boundaries of the language our culture uses. What were your thoughts like before you knew how to think in and speak your first language? Take a step beyond language and try on the felt moment of immediate experience. Instead of trying to describe existence in your mind and then working off that faulty description just experience things as they are. Existence is rich, infinite, beautiful, and many leveled.

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