Front-loading your day by getting right on top of high priority tasks is a very satisfying feeling. You feel positive, productive, and not pressed for time. As a result stress is greatly reduced and best of all you simply get important stuff done.

Most days I like to lift something heavy. Pulling a couple of heavy reps really doesn’t take much energy. In fact for me I find it wakes me right up. I speculate that it may be a nervous system thing. Best of all, no matter what happens later on in the day I know I’ve gotten some quality movement in by front-loading it early on in my day.

Then, on days like today, when I have the opportunity and the energy I enjoy a second workout in the afternoon. Usually with a cardio slant if the morning was strength focused. I find two shorter sessions of exercise (two-a-day’s) are a lot less tiring mentally and physically than a single long session. Today went like this:


120kg x 12 singles

Single Leg Barbell Split Squat
60kg x 7 left and right (l/r)
50kg x 15 l/r


Tacfit Challenge Workout
Only having discovered this stuff yesterday I used today’s effort to complete the beginner level to become familiar with the moves. This challenge workout at the beginner level involves 20 rounds on the minute of:

2 quad hops
2 spine rocks
2/2 spring tripods
2/2 swinging planks

Leg Blaster
I found this little doozy through Military Athlete. After the Tacfit challenge I completed one round of this as a finisher. The most I’ve ever done in a single workout is three rounds in 15 minutes a couple of weeks ago. It hurt. A1 through to A4 is performed without stopping:

A1) 20 bodyweight squats
A2) 20 lunges (10 per leg)
A3) 20 jumping lunges (10 per leg)
A4) 20 jumping squats

Here is an example of the moves at the intermediate level of the Tacfit Challenge Workout which is 4 reps per exercise per round for 20 rounds on the minute:

For subscribers who can’t see the video you can watch it here: Tacfit Challenge Workout.

Here is a demo of the Leg Blaster:

For subscribers who can’t see the video, you can watch it here: Leg Blasters

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