We’re all aware of the importance of regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. There are as many different ways to exercise as there are people. The spectrum of exercise capacity is also a broad one. For some of us taking the stairs at work is currently enough. For those of you who have already developed your aerobic base you might be looking for a way to take your exercise routine to a new level.

Interval training is just one possibility. Interval training does require you to already have a reasonable aerobic base and you must ensure you ease into interval training gradually. It is intense and it will hurt. However, you may learn to love interval training if you enter into it progressively.

Start out by simply swapping out one aerobic session a week for a higher intensity anaerobic interval session. For the first couple of weeks during that session do less then you feel you are capable of. With new types of exercise you must learn to listen and understand why your body is telling you all over again. This will put you in good stead for a long and injury free exercise life.

Once you’ve settled into the experience try gradually increasing the intensity during your one session a week. Then add an additional session. Eventually you probably will not need to do more then 2 – 3 sessions of interval training per week, depending on what other exercise you are also doing.

Now that we’ve discussed how to start interval training we can examine some of the fantastic benefits interval training can provide. Today we will look at just one benefit of interval training and coming tomorrow we’ll examine two more benefits – weight loss and heart health.

Short amount of time spent exercising
Today’s modern society is, generally speaking, time poor money rich. Well, maybe not so much the second one. We all have many obligations including work and family life that require a great deal of our time and energy to fulfill.

The times when we come under stress are the times when things like healthy eating, proper sleep and exercise get put aside. However, because exercise helps keep us healthy which means we can continue to meet life’s challenges head on (depending on your situation) it may be precisely the sort of thing that we need to keep doing to see us through stressful times.

The short duration of interval training sessions make it a perfect form of exercise to fit in with your busy lifestyle. During a recent period when I had very little time to spare my training consisted of 3 x 12 minute high intensity kettlebell sessions per week. This wasn’t some sort of exercise holding pattern to simply maintain my fitness. I became more conditioned, stronger and lost some weight from that training.

Coming up next we’ll look at how interval training is highly effective for fat loss and how it is great for the health of your heart.

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