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To kick off, despite the fact that I’m not a physicist, I would like to present you with some very interesting science with very deep implications that you may or may not be aware of. First is an aspect of quantum physics that is known as quantum entanglement. Physicist Niels Bohr discovered that once subatomic particles come into contact they remain aware of and influenced by each other instantaneously over any distance forever. Whatever happens to one entangled subatomic particle is identical to or the opposite of what happens to the other. Importantly it has been shown that objects made of a billion billion (1018) atoms, objects big enough to hold in your hand, such as a chip of salt, behave in this manner. So it is not as if there are two different sets of rules; one for the quantum or micro level and one for the every day macro level. This shows that nothing exists independently of anything else. Everything comes into contact with other things, which have been in contact with still more other things and so on exponentially like a giant interconnected web the size of, well, the universe.

Secondly, in the 1970’s another physicist named Fritz-Albert Popp discovered the fact that all living things, from the most basic single-celled organisms to the most complex organism such as humans, emit a constant current of tiny particles of light called photons. Popp labeled this phenomenon “biophoton emissions” and believed this to be the primary communication channel of a living organism. That is the light emitted by a living organism was a form of communication with itself and the world at large. This light emanating from all living things including you and I is not unlike the light emanating from stars in the night sky. Light from far distant stars has been traveling for millions of years and contains that star’s individual history. Some of the light from stars currently reaching Earth is from stars that died long ago.

Consider that it has been demonstrated that almost all quantum interactions produce entanglement. The particles of light (photons) from long dead stars that reach Earth millions of years after emanating from the original source are entangled with every atom they meet on their way to Earth. Now consider that we as living beings are emanating a steady stream of photos out into the universe for the duration of our existence. Those photons are inextricably entangled with us and also with everything they come in contact with as they journey out into the universe. It seems a likely conclusion that we are therefore interconnected with the objects the photons that emanate from us become entangled with. And those objects are entangled with still many more objects. It dawns that everything is, if not absolutely, potentially interconnected.

On a more day to day level consider a phenomena such as a book it becomes apparent that the existence of the book is dependent upon a cover, pages of paper made from wood which comes from trees, ink, glue, an author, a publisher, machinery to print the text, electricity to run the machinery, engineers to design the machinery and so forth. For each of these things to exist they are also dependent upon other things. For example the pages of paper from wood from trees is dependent upon fertile soil in which the tree grows, a seed from another tree, sunlight and rain. Rain depends upon sunlight to heat up the air, air then moves causing wind. Wind stirs up the ocean so that waves are caused. The spray from waves sends bacteria within the water high into the air where they multiply and attract droplets of moisture until they form clouds resulting in rain and life for trees.

Such trees must be cut down by a man with an implement or machine that has been designed and made by another man using materials that still another man has extracted from the earth and then refined by yet another person. The milling of the wood so as to make paper requires transportation, machinery, fuel, electrical power and still more humans and human ingenuity. All of which are dependent upon other phenomena. A human must have parents, food, water, an earth to live on, gravity, the sun, air, space to exist in and so forth. All dependent upon factors which themselves are dependent on still more factors.

Therefore, a book, while certainly existent as a book because it itself has causal power in reality does not exist as it appears to the senses and the mind upon mundane casual observation. A book according to our very limited senses of sight and touch appears to exist in and of itself when really it does not. I say that a book has causal power in reality because one may read from it and experience enjoyment or discover information that because it was previously unknown causes an alteration in one’s worldview and manner of living.

So one can see that everything is interdependent and not inherently existent. That is nothing exists that has no causes and no parts. If such a thing did exist then it would be incapable of change. One fact of the universe is that everything changes. In a human every second 2,000,000 red blood cells must be made by the body so as to replace those that have died. Each and every cell in its miniature complexity has all same functions as the whole human body does – digestion, elimination, respiration, etc.

If the “I” is inherently existed then the “I” and the mind-body complex would have to be either the same or different. However such an “I” cannot be found – either inside the mind-body complex or outside and separate. Therefore the “I” does no inherently exist but rather is dependent upon its causes, its parts and cognitive thought. The “I” does exist just not in the inherent manner in which it appears to exist. Thus an “I” can have causal impact resulting in subsequent conditions. The “I” as it is accepted as existing without analysis is an exaggeration just as the book as it appears to exist is an exaggeration.

Your sense of yourself is an exaggeration. It is this exaggeration that leads to states of greed and hate. The exaggerated “I” that doesn’t really exist can posses other things, can be stolen from, can be insulted and can be injured by others. “Others”, as you now know is itself an exaggeration of reality. There is no I and mine or you and yours as perceived by mundane senses and thought. There is only an enormous web of interconnection the size and age of the universe. You are that.

Does a hand own the fingers?

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