Some schools of thought such as Buddhism and Taoism emphasize impermanence. For some people the thought of impermanence being at the core of the nature of our existence is depressing. To me impermanence isn’t depressing and I don’t think it should be.

We did not come to be out of nothing. When we die we will not simply cease to be. I say this because observably nothing simply ceases. Think of a cloud in the sky. After it has rained we look into the sky and may think the cloud has disappeared. We may think the cloud has ceased to exist. But it hasn’t. The cloud is now the water on the ground.

Everything transforms as part of a giant interdependent and interconnected web. The universe emulates itself on all levels. It is holographic in nature. The nature of a hologram is such that even the smallest piece of the hologram is a perfect representation of the whole.

Think about that for a moment. The implications are huge, particularly for how we perceive of our lives and ourselves. To me this information hints at the notion of Brahman – perhaps the great soul that pervades everything, is everything. It shows that scale is something produced by limited human perceptions as is time and disconnection. That is as opposed to the gigantic all encompassing present and interdependence or oneness.

It is amazing to know that every one of our cells has the exact same functions as our macro body does. Our cells breath air, eat food, have circulatory systems, and eliminate waste to name just a few. Every one of our billions of cells are like this. Together they form our macro-body. The universe is like those Russian dolls that stack inside each other.

It has been found that while we are alive we emit a constant stream of light particles. Consider the light from stars that travels millions, perhaps billions, of light years to reach us here at earth. Some of the stars are so far away they have actually died but it takes so long for the light to travel the distance that it looks like the star is still alive.

Now consider our emanation of light out into the universe together with the fact that when any subatomic particle comes into contact with another subatomic particle it becomes entangled with it. Anything that affects either one of the two particles has an instantaneous non-local effect upon the other.

Consider how each of the particles of light emanated from our living bodies have become entangled with countless other particles as they journey out beyond the stars. And those particles are entangled with countless other particles, which are also entangled with countless other particles and so on. In this physical lifetime how entangled must we become with the universe!

How separate are we then really? Are we only separate by pure dint of perceived separateness? How is it that we are able to lose our childhood sense of wonder at the world? Scratch any surface and below we find new and fantastic vistas just waiting for us to explore. Don’t ever stop looking and wondering in amazement at this life.

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