Yesterday in the first article of this series I introduced the powerful quote from Sidney A. Friedman. That quote is the inspiration for a series of articles that this particular article is a part of. Today we will begin to examine how it is possible for you to achieve whatever it is you want in life. The best place to start is by taking back your birthright as a powerful source of creativity.

Everything we are and the world we live in found its beginning in thought. From the house you live in to the car you drive, your mobile phone, the computer screen you’re looking at. All these very real and physical things we created by human thought. You should know that you are a powerful being. Your thoughts are things that affect other things in the world.

“Everything we do, everything we are, rests on our personal power. If we have enough of it, one word is enough to change the course of our lives. If we don’t, the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and that revelation won’t make a damn bit of difference.”

– Carlos Castaneda

The dreams you have about what you want to achieve in life are of course thoughts. Thoughts with power, if you let yourself be the powerful being you are. If you don’t, you’re simply using your own power against yourself. More on that in a second.

After I had open-heart surgery when I was seven years old, for reasons I can’t completely remember, I decided I wanted to work in big business.

I know I loved the thought of the action and excitement of being at the helm of a massive corporation in a big city. I did very well at mathematics in school so my educational path turned towards accounting and I decided I wanted to become an accountant. This was so that I would have a solid grounding in the foundations of business.

Looking back it seems amazing that a dream I had when I was seven years old actually became a walking talking reality in the manifest material world. Somehow I went from a public high school in a small country town to working a full-time job in a large big city accounting firm in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. I also studied accounting at university at night. Considering it now I know that the number of factors that had to fall into place, just so, for things to turn out they way they did is beyond counting.

“Life is constantly asking: What do you want?”

– Steve Pavlina

The point is I held my dream very strongly in the forefront of my mind almost all of the time. Because of that I was constantly doing little things that brought me one step closer. I shared my dream with others and brought them into it. Other people are powerful resonators of intention. If other people share your dream you don’t double the power of your intentions, you square it.

For example if there are two people holding the same intention, sharing the same dream, then the height of the wave function is four. If three people share the same dream the height of the wave function is nine!

Now because of my experience I know that my consciousness has extraordinary power and creative potential. Quantum Physics is constantly telling us about how the observer (consciousness) is the chooser. How it is consciousness that decides the state of the material world. That at the very core of matter is nothing but potential.

So if you’re living the life of a victim, feeling like your life is doing you, I have unfortunate news for you. As a powerful being you’re doing yourself. Which brings us to the question – why did Sidney A. Friedman say that we needed courage to dream?

That is the subject of tomorrows article, the third in this series. I hope you’ll join me then. If you missed the first article in this series you can find it here – The Courage to Dream.

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