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What is Paul Chek About?
Paul Chek is a facilitator of personal growth, health and holistic wellbeing through the example of his own personal growth, health and holistic wellbeing. Paul is a world-renowned expert in the field of corrective and high performance exercise kinesiology. He is the founder of the CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute in California, USA. For over twenty years Paul has been treating the body as a whole system and has sought the root cause of health problems leading to success where traditional approaches have consistently failed.

Paul is an international speaker, educator and author. He has developed four advanced certification programs for exercise and health practitioners. Thousands of people worldwide have completed these courses and are now actively helping others.

Video of Paul Chek
The below video of Paul is part 1 of 13. It is a lecture given by Paul at the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. I have embedded all 13 videos as a YouTube playlist so you can watch the full lecture, one video after another, right here.

I highly recommend Paul’s book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!. It contains a personalized 4-step guide to health and wellbeing. I personally own and refer to this book regularly. So do a number of my family members. We all immediately felt the difference the knowledge contained in this book made to our health and overall wellbeing. How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! is extremely well structured. It has been written in such a way that it will help everyone from the sick and morbidly obese all the way to the elite athlete.

Step one of the book requires you to complete a series of questionnaires to identify which of your body’s systems are stressed. The results of the questionnaires among many other things give a great indication of exactly what type and amount of exercise you should be doing. The second step is to complete the Metabolic Typing Test so that you can develop a specific eating plan that is right for you.

Step three helps you build a personalized exercise program including stretches, energy building exercises (fantastic!), acquiring proper core function and why it is vital to your health, and finally a specific exercise program based upon your questionnaire scores. Step four guides you in the fine-tuning of your diet and lifestyle issues to achieve optimal health. Again your questionnaire scores come into play in that the scores identify your specific problem areas. There is a very helpful and informative chapter for each problem area to help you implement strategies immediately.

What I’ve Learned from Paul Chek
I have a lot to thank Paul Chek for. The Chinese say when the student is ready the master appears. This is how I felt when I first came across Paul on YouTube. To begin with I’ve learned the grave importance of eating as much organically produced food as possible. I’ve learned about the tricks so called scientific studies use to produce results that say organic food is no different nutritionally to regular commercially farmed food. As a part of this I’ve come to see the obvious logic that we cannot be healthy while eating unhealthy plants and animals. Further those plants and animals cannot be healthy if the soil is not healthy. Healthy soil for one thing means soil with a high amount of microorganisms, which are responsible for supporting healthy plants in a complex symbiotic relationship. Commercial farming denatures the soil, killing most of the microorganisms.

I have learned the simple beauty of Metabolic Typing, which suggests that we are each as different from each other on the inside as we appear to be on the outside. Thus any one diet will never work for all people. We are each descendant from different peoples who’s physiology adjusted to their environment over millions of years. Thus Eskimos can live very healthy lives on a diet consisting of close to 90% protein and fat, while people descendant from those who lived on the equatorial band can live healthy lives eating a diet high in fruit and vegetables. Feed a descendant of the Eskimos a diet high in fruit and vegetables and you have a recipe for poor health and disease.

I’ve also learned about how all stress summates within the body. This means your body cannot tell the difference between stress from worrying about bills, to stress from relationship dramas, to stress from things like alcohol and medication, to stress from over exposure to light, to stress from exercise. It is all the same to the body and all adds up. Thus trying to stick to an exercise program while poorly managing stress from other lifestyle factors is another recipe for poor health and disease. Here Paul talks about the benefits of working-in as opposed to working-out. Working-in movement patterns energize the body without causing a switch to the fight or flight stress response sympathetic nervous system that regular exercise such as jogging does.

Finally, I learned from Paul Chek that as much as 90% of us have fungus and parasite infections. This information spurred me to look into the matter further and I have since learnt from other expert resources how to overcome this issue. The resultant effect on my own personal health and wellbeing has been immense. I am living the things I’ve learned from Paul Chek and hope to emulate in some small way the positive effect he has had upon the lives of many people the world over.

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