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After a kettlebell workout on Wednesday I decided to film an impromptu video to briefly introduce myself. I’m excited by the challenge of expanding Balanced Existence into video blogging so as to connect more closely with you. And a challenge it is.

Recently I wrote about the ready, fire, aim principle and being someone who walks the talk I decided that I was ready to start video blogging and to create The Balanced Existence Channel. Following the ready, fire, aim principle there was no reason not to pull the trigger (fire!) right now and adjust the aim later.

So starting right now you will be witness to the ready, fire, aim principle in action. Video blogging and creating a Balanced Existence video channel represents a serious personal challenge to me. However, this is something that I know I should I do as it will take Balanced Existence to a whole new level.

No One Begins as a Black Belt
Do I suck at making videos right now? Yes, in my opinion I sure do. However, if I don’t just make a start I have no chance of ever getting better. Never taking action and giving up all carry a 100% failure rate.

No person is born a black belt. We all start out as white belts at anything new we choose to pursue. And now, having taken positive action I find myself fired up to improve and get better. Every hour or so I have an idea for another video I could do. Having made my first video the things I need to improve on are glaringly obvious. But I wouldn’t have any of this if I hadn’t just done something.

So my point is, whatever your dreams are get out there and grab hold of them with both hands! You’ve never been more ready than right now. There is no reason to wait. Just take action. It doesn’t have to perfect. In fact there is little chance it will be. But by taking action you will set something in motion that will build momentum and in doing so you will ride that momentum all the way to your greatest dreams and aspirations.

Balanced Existence Video Introduction – Health, Wellness & Kettlebells

If you’re a Balanced Existence subscriber and you can’t see the video come watch it here on my website or you can watch it at Youtube: Balanced Existence Video Introduction – Health, Wellness & Kettlebells.

Feel free to leave a comment on the video page and I encourage you to subscribe to the Balanced Existence YouTube Channel. There will be more (improved!) videos online very soon. You can also join me on Twitter.

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