Today’s video blog post focuses on two fundamental health and wellness principles that are absolutely critical. If you wish to enjoy health, wellness and a high quality of life it is vital that you learn and apply the basic principles discussed in this video. Without these principles you will be unable to achieve lasting health and wellness in the modern human environment.

These principles are the driving force behind Balanced Existence (BE).

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Coming early next week will be another video blog post that takes a closer look at what it means to take responsibility for yourself, what the life of a person who is not taking responsibility for herself or himself looks like (so you can identify areas in your life where you’re failing to take responsibility) and why it is critical that you do take full responsibility for yourself and your life.

The Low Fat Disaster
As a side not I would like to share with you one person’s experience with a low fat diet that was described on The Heart Scan Blog written by cardiologist Dr William Davis.

Dr Davis met this patient as part of a consultation for a cholesterol abnormality. The patient had previously been cycled through statins by his primary care physician. Something that resulted in intolerable muscle aches for the patient.

Dr Davis looked at this patient’s cholesterol abnormality with lipoprotein testing which returned a LDL particle number of 1489 nmol/L. Unfortunately, life got in the way for this patient and he ended up reverting to the low-fat diet his primary care doctor originally prescribed and which has been everywhere in popular media for quite some time. The patient also quit taking fish oil and vitamin D.

A couple of years latter this patient returned to Dr Davis, who then repeated the lipoprotein analysis which returned a LDL particle number of 2699 nmol/L. Two years of a low-fat diet had caused this patients LDL particle number to increase by 81%! Almost all due to an increase of small LDL. Small LDL is the form of LDL particles most likely to cause heart disease.

Dr Davis’ conclusion? Low-fat diets as commonly practiced are enormously destructive. Dr Davis patient has since resumed taking his supplements and eliminated food such as wheat and sugar that trigger small LDL increases.

I highly encourage you to check out The Heart Scan Blog.

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