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As life progresses and there is a gradual broadening of the range of experience encountered in life we build up a repertoire of past behavioral responses to stimuli. I suppose you could call this repertoire memory but not necessarily in the consciously aware sense of recall. More correctly this repertoire could be called memory in the sense of the playing out of behavior in response to stimuli that plays out again when similar stimuli occurs. Basically I am describing acquired conditioning. When similar stimuli is encountered there is a probability that we will behave as we have previously. Each time we behave as we have before in response to particular stimuli the probability of that behavior occurring again is increased. The response is reinforced.

The probability is also increased the more unaware one is. For example one may drive the same rout to work every day. On a weekend while driving unconsciously (something all drivers have experienced – the getting to a place without remembering the trip) one comes to a T intersection. To the right is the way one turns to go to work. To the left is the direction one actually wants to take. However, due to the combination of force of habit, that is conditioning, and one’s state of lacking mindfulness one turns right and travels towards work until the mistake is realized.

In an unmindful being there is no superposition (the sum of all probabilities) of quantum possibilities from which consciousness in creative wisdom may select and so collapse the quantum wave function into manifest reality. The state of being unmindful results in conditioned responses to stimuli replaying regardless of suitability of that response to the situation, lack of wisdom and often despite the knowledge that suffering will result. As an example if I, for some reason, was to become angry and my girlfriend walked into the room at that moment to ask me a simple question and I was to carry my irritation over into my interaction with her it is obvious that I will cause myself further suffering because she will then return my own anger to me. The antidote to this is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a state proceeding conscious selection from quantum possibilities. Mindfulness is a state of awareness, knowing and non-judgmental observation of the possibilities. Mindfulness then allows for the exercise of discontinuous creative wisdom in the selection of the most effective possibility. That possibility is then made manifest in conventional reality (the macro level) by the conscious choosing collapsing the quantum wave function into manifest conventional reality.

Therefore meditation allows one to see through one’s conditioning, one’s belief systems, and helps one to transcend them and come to new creative conclusions on the basis of one’s own experience. Calmness becomes obviously important in this because with calmness (a large slowing down) the possibilities in the quantum wave function are allowed to propagate and follow their particular potential paths from which a possibility can be selected. At which time there is a discontinuous leap of creativity. I’ll come back to this in just a second.

“In the province of the mind, what the mind believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the mind there are no limits.” – John C. Lilly

First let us consider creativity. According to Amit Goswami all creativity occurs in a process of four stages 1) preparation 2) incubation, or unconscious processing – allowing the unconscious to process thoughts without collapsing them, that is allowing thoughts to spread in possibility and thus give one many more options from which to choose 3) insight, or the “ah-ha!” experience – this is a discontinuous quantum leap in thought, the collapse to a creative solution and 4) manifestation – expressing the new insight in the lived life.

That ends the first part of this article. You can check out the second part here – The Ego, Intelligence and Quantum Collapse.

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