The mess we made | part 3
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In my previous article – Foods that Fight – I introduced the principle of food combining for health. That is, one should not combine starchy or sugary food with food that in high in protein in the one meal. Today I would like to go a little deeper into the how and why of this principle for better health and quality of life.

Protein requires an acid medium in order to be digested. The production of hydrochloric acid is stimulated when protein is consumed and enters the stomach. This activates the enzyme pepsin which has the function of splitting and digesting protein. Incidentally, seasoning your steak with pepper aids digestion because pepper stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Also if you are dehydrated your body may not have enough water available to produce adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid and you’ll experience problems such as heartburn and reflux.

Starches and sugars on the other hand require an alkaline medium for digestion. This begins in the mouth with chewing and saliva which contains the enzyme ptyalin which acts to split the starches into lower forms before entrance into the small intestine. Where the main digestion of starches takes place. All starches must be chewed very well otherwise the small intestine cannot complete proper digestion.

So here we have two primary types of food both of which many people eat at most meals in combination together. And yet protein requires one type of environment to be digested and starches a radically different environment. When high proteins and high starches such as steak and potatoes are mixed at one meal there is too much acid for the necessary alkaline digestion of the starch portion and too little acid for adequate digestion of the protein portion.

The Result of Consuming Foods that Fight
The most obvious result is very poor absorption of vital nutrients. We’re made up of and fuel the quality of our daily existence not of the the food and drink we put down our throat but the nutrition we are able to absorb from that food and drink along with the air we breathe. Intestinal discomfort and constipation is another result of consuming foods that fight in the same meal. Yet another is fermentation of the starches. A byproduct of fermentation is alcohol. Ever woken up feeling like you’ve got a hangover when you haven’t actually been drinking the night before?

The thing with modern degenerative diseases and cancer is that they creep up on people. These debilitating and deadly conditions do not just happen over night. They take time and have their roots firmly planted in lifestyle and diet. I remember watching a lecture given by Paul Chek in which he explained that inflammation was about four steps along the path to death. If I remember the next step was pain and the final one was death.

Some of the biggest causes of inflammation in the body include refined carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, smoking and stress. Sound familiar? Today’s article is one reason why I strongly believe that a “cure” for cancer will never be discovered by medical science. The cure is a lifestyle that brings out our genetic strengths rather than encouraging our genetic weaknesses. And the necessary lifestyle is becoming harder and harder to manifest. Similarly modern diseases continue to kill more and more people. Many of us don’t live longer. We simply take longer to die.

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