This is the second part of the article that began with Freedom, Creativity and the Quantum Self. We now turn to consider the ego, the nature of intelligence and quantum collapse.

When one is ego-centered one lives in a web of solipsism where only one’s own consciousness is real. Others only exist in relation to you. From this ego-centered identity one can love at best only patronizingly, from the superior level in a relationship that is hierarchical. But that is not love, and it leads only to isolation. One will eventually begin to wonder why one feels lonely, why one does not feel loved and why in truth one cannot give unconditional love to another.

Ego-centered actions always serve the ego itself, whereas ethics demand that we optimize other people’s interests as well as our own when we act. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Both kinds of actions are important. Also it is important to be able to understand that one as ego is NOT the doer of one’s actions. This can be seen in the example of the driver at the T intersection described in the first part of this article – Freedom, Creativity and the Quantum Self. The doer is past conditioning. The exception occurs when one is creative.

When identified with the ego one is always rushing around boosting the ego-identity with the idea of being the doer of things even if those things are thoughts. In calmness there is a slowing down and a shifting of consciousness away from immediate local signals allowing consciousness to expand. This helps to shift the identity from the ego (where one barely retains the free will to say no to conditioning) to the quantum self because the gap between thought and action increases and so a freer exercise of the choice of the quantum self is possible. Thus the exercise of creative wisdom in manifestation is possible. This is the choice to do, not to do, or to do something else.

Calmness allows for the exercise of free will to select from the multitude of possibilities in the quantum wave of pure potential. The ego self is largely the product of conditioning and so is restricted in choice by reduction in probability and so there is no doer just the playing out of conditioned response to stimuli.

An expanded consciousness enables one to recognize and collapse non-local states of experience never manifested before. Expanded consciousness naturally identifies with a larger self than our ordinary identity. Happiness is the quantum self. To identify with the quantum self is to identify with God. And if you react to my use of the word “God” in the same way you have in the past, ask yourself, who just did that? Here I refer to God not as a superhuman figure on a throne in the sky. Think about it. What could be more divine then creation?

Actions are either conditioned acts or acts of creation. The doer is either the past conditioning of many interactive parts in a complex system or the unitive consciousness in its freedom of choice (God).

To the extent that we are identified with our ego we do not exercise freedom of choice. Our actions are reactive, defensive and conditioned. We do NOT choose our own actions.

The word “intelligence” comes from the root word “intelligo” which means “to select among”. Thus to be intelligent is to be able to select among choices within the quantum field of possibility, even discontinuous choices. The difference between a real human and an animal is that animals act out of instinct which is the product of conditioning. Humans have the potential for true intelligence. Are you fulfilling your human potential?

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