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Today I’m going to tell you a few truths about weight loss that you may not have heard before. You need to understand that weight loss together with many other “health” related sectors are industries. From a strictly business point of view it makes very little sense to actually produce a product that will only be consumed by a customer for a limited period of time and then never again.

That would be a very poor business model indeed. Everyone knows return customers are where the real money is made. Companies spend billions on marketing to expand their market share and bring in new customers. It costs far less to sell to repeat customers then it does to find more new customers.

So while many weight loss products out there will in fact cause you to lose weight the effect is completely temporary. Nor are such products actually healthy, as you’ll see in a moment. Unless your lifestyle is one that is focused on health just as soon as you stop taking these products you will put the weight right back on. This is bad for your health and will make future weight loss attempts more difficult then before.

Why Supplements for Cutting Weight Are Unhealthy
So if you’re considering using a weight loss product made in a laboratory such as one that boosts the metabolism I suggest you don’t. A friend of mine asked for my opinion on one such product recently. Like many weight loss products the one she was considering contained caffeine. The stated purpose of the caffeine content was to stimulate adrenaline release to boost metabolism.

Boosting your metabolism is a key factor in losing weight. Particular types of exercise and some foods such as coconut oil are healthy ways to boost your metabolism. Draining your already overtaxed adrenal glands is not one of them. Most of the western world is suffering from extreme adrenal fatigue.

The adrenals are activated when you come under stress, whatever the source. Can you think of a day in memory when you haven’t been under some sort of stress? When the adrenal glands burn out people tend to get really sick. Ironically adrenal fatigue contributes to weight problems.

The Nature and Effect of Stress
Stress comes in many forms including exercise, sunburn, and lack of sleep, bad diet, alcohol, medication and worry. When you are under stress of any sort the sympathetic nervous system kicks in which then causes stress hormones such as adrenaline to be released. While this is happening the digestion and repair functions of the body are impaired.

Think of how this would happen in nature. You’re walking in the bush and a lion jumps out at you. You get a big (but short) boost of adrenaline that helps you sprint to and then climb the nearest tree. Its the fight or flight survival mechanism. Fast forward to the modern world where most people are stressed by one thing or another all day every day. The end result is burn out, poor health, disease and premature death.

As a side note some good ways to switch the body over to the parasympathetic nervous system (the opposite of the sympathetic nervous system) and to give your adrenals a break include yoga or meditation and to get to bed before 10:30.

The Healthy Alternative
So you can see why I have a problem with these weight loss products. Sure you’ll lose weight but it’s not going to do your health any actual good. Good health should be the reason why you should want to loose weight. Natural physical attractiveness is quite simply the result of great health. The healthiest among us select each other to reproduce with. And so the survival of the species is ensured.

Focus on making the gradual transition to a health focused lifestyle and you will lose weight. In fact by the time you get down to the weight you want your lifestyle will be such that keeping the weight off will simply be a matter of course. Compare that outlook to a depressingly constant seesawing struggle while spending your hard earned money on products that are damaging your health.

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