Today’s weight loss tip seems a no-brainer. In a way it is. If you stay active you will burn more calories then you would if you lounged around. But that is just it. Many people simply can’t get and then remain consistently active. So here we are with today’s no-brainer weight loss tip and some tuff love.

For starters the best exercise for you is one you will do regularly. For me I love lots of different types of exercise. Because I have a healthy lifestyle habit exercise is something I look forward doing. I love to push myself. To run or swim faster or further then I ever have before. To press a heavier kettlebell, that just weeks ago I couldn’t even get to budge. I love the feeling of somehow living up to, at least in part, the massive potential we all have as human beings.

So how do you acquire an exercise habit? Start with something you enjoy doing and make sure it involves other people. Many people have competitive natures. Use it. Go down to a gym and join a class, join a boxing gym or join a running club or swimming club and watch on in envy. Use your envy and your competitive nature to drive yourself to improve, to come back tomorrow.

Probably the single most significant thing anyone can do is pick some form of exercise and do it at least three times a week for a month straight. Whatever it is be sure that it is applicable to your level of fitness and flexibility. If you find it’s killing you then you need to back it off. Not back off on how often you’re exercising nor necessarily for how long, just back off on the intensity.

If you can stick with it for a month or two I tell you that you will soon discover what every fit and healthy person knows. If you can make it through the first month just as soon as you miss one or two exercise sessions your body will tell you right away that something is wrong.

You won’t feel near as good as you have. You’ll feel like you have less energy. That your mood hasn’t been as good as it has been. You won’t feel as positive. If you can see through that first tough month or so and overcome the obstacles both life and yourself will throw up in your own way then you will have stuck with it long enough for the rewards to begin to kick in. From there on out it gets a lot easier. You’ll finally be able to tell the difference between feeling good and how you’ve normally felt. Which, you’ll suddenly realize was rather not good.

A key piece of advice – when you’re a beginner, often without realizing it, you will look for reasons not to exercise. They will be very reasonable reasons. You’ve worked back late, you’re tired, you’re stressed, maybe you’ve caught a bit of a cold, and so on. If you’re a man all I can say is suck it up and be a man. If you’re a woman, well, the same goes for you, suck it up.

Your health is not a game. The doctors that are going to treat you in a couple of years time for the disease you’ll have won’t really care much about you. You’re a dime a dozen and in the end people like you are keeping them rich. They also wont be able to do much for you. Considering you’re a source of income why would they want to?

You’ll have to suffer through the rest of your life. And it’ll be your fault. It is you who are ultimately responsible for you, no one else. Not the doctor, your parents, the government, the companies that make crap processed food, the fast food companies, or the pharmaceutical companies. You.

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