Today’s weight loss tip is really critical. The probable reason why you put on weight in the first place is due to things getting away from you for a time. Maybe work was really hectic, you really let lose over a holiday season, or something else happened that disrupted your focus from looking after yourself. To avoid a constant and depressing seesaw battle with your weight it is imperative that you plan ahead.

Life is quite simply one thing after another. The things that suddenly come along and cause a lapse in focus are going to happen again and again. During these times you are going to reach for whatever is convenient and easy. It is unlikely that you will have the energy, inclination or calm thinking space to make what can feel like a Herculean effort to do what needs to be done to maintain good health.

Of course these times are precisely when you need your good health the most. Without your health your performance will suffer and things will feel so much more like a trial then they otherwise would be. The solution is to be proactive, knowing that these times can come suddenly at any moment. If you want to maintain a gradual transition to a healthier lifestyle you must be prepared.

Don’t Have it in the House
Firstly if a particularly unhealthy food or drink is not in your house the chances of you consuming them are greatly reduced. This means don’t even buy something you know is no good for you. If your body tells you it doesn’t enjoy having a particular food or drink forced upon it then don’t even buy it. Better yet don’t even go down the isle in your supermarket where that type of food is kept.

Cook Extra and Freeze it
Next, to stop you reaching for the phone to order home delivery of your third helping of fast food for the week cook up some meals in advance. You don’t have to go out of your way to do this. Next time you cook a healthy dinner just make extra. You’re cooking anyway so why not? Take those extra servings and put them in your freezer.

That way when you’re super busy, stressed out and exhausted you have easy access to great healthy food. Whatever you do don’t defrost and heat up your meals in a microwave! It takes just a few extra minutes to heat food up on the stove or in the oven. If you feel you’re too stressed and exhausted to do that then I suggest you need to take a serious look at your lifestyle and reevaluate your priorities.

Have Healthy Food Stashed at Work
Another planning ahead tip is to make sure you have healthy food to snack on at work. Perhaps you’ve got too much on to eat a correct breakfast or any breakfast at all. If you have healthy alternatives such as almonds, walnuts and pecans as well as some apples at work then you can reach for those instead of fake energy from an unhealthy bagel and sugar filled coffee.

I’ve discussed just a few ways you can plan ahead so that your weight loss efforts don’t become derailed by unexpected life events. What are some things you’ve found help you to keep on track? Please let us know by leaving a comment. Also if you enjoyed today’s weight loss tip you will want to check out the Balanced Existence archives where you will find many more.

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