In a previous weight loss tip I wrote about the only overarching way I know of that will allow you to healthily lose weight and then continue to keep it off. That is, to gradually transition to a health focused lifestyle. I mention this because it ties in with today’s weight loss tip.

Yesterday I was reading about Professor Adrian Bauman, of the University of Sydney and director of the Australian Center for Health Promotion, who recently addressed an obesity forum here in Australia. The forum of Australia’s top obesity researchers was convened to bust commonly held myths surrounding weight, exercise, diet and general health.

Professor Bauman clearly stated that exercising is vitally necessary for weight loss. However he also mentioned that many people don’t lose weight when they start a regime and so most become discouraged and stop. This is due to an over obsession with weight loss as opposed to health. Which was precisely the point of my previous weight loss tip.

What they have found is that even if you continue to remain overweight, with little apparent weight loss progress, it is of grave importance that you continue to with your program of exercise. This is because a slim couch potato has been found to have poorer health prospects than an overweight person who exercises regularly.

Thus persistence is a vital key to eventually reaching a healthy weight in a healthy manner. If you give up your failure rate is 100 percent. No matter what, if you stop acting out your plan then you simply will not achieve it, 100 percent of the time.

It is easy to become frustrated and feel like nothing is working. But if you realign you focus on health then every time you get out the front door (metaphorical or otherwise) to go exercise and every time you eat a healthy meal you are making real solid progress towards your ultimate goal.

One reason why I think this sort of thing happens is because when people aiming at weight loss first begin exercising they are largely unable to exercise for long enough or at a high enough intensity to produce the instant results they desire. It simply takes time to develop an aerobic base, to become more flexible and to step up to much more demanding interval training.

This is as it should be. Simply persist and your fitness will develop and your eating and hydration habits will evolve. A friend of mine who has made huge strides in reversing the direction of his dietary habits has been exercising regularly for quite some time now.

Until recently he hadn’t really lost much weight at all. But he persisted which has allowed him to gradually build up his fitness and learn to enjoy exercise. Now he has found an intense form of exercise in kettlebells that he really enjoys and does most days. He’s even encouraging others to give kettlebells a try which is fantastic. It just goes to show that the power of one is true.

By being able to take that step up to kettlebells he recently lost around 5 to 6 kilograms. That’s around 10 or 12lbs. If I had of introduced him to kettlebells right away the difficulty they represent both physically and mentally to someone who has not exercised much previously would have likely threw him off. Instead gradual progression has lead to success and will continue to do so. Persistence is the key to that success.

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