Autumn fungi
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You’ll have to bare with me today as we might cover some seemingly disconnected ground. Just know that everything here has to do with your health. If you’re interested in your health I’m sure you’ll find this article interesting. If you’re not interested in improving the state of your health then perhaps this website is not for you.

A couple of days ago I wrote about how unbalanced use of antibiotics are damaging our health. The main reasoning behind this statement is the fact that an antibiotic is a mycotoxin which is a substance produced by fungi to kill other organisms such as bacteria.

So when you take an antibiotic it not only kills the bad bacteria that has caused your current illness it also kills the good bacteria in your digestive tract. That is of course unless you take a quality probiotic after the course of antibiotics.

With no competition fungi then are able to invade the body unobstructed and thrive. Once inside the body they become parasitic. When that happens you will experience particular dietary cravings. The parasitic fungi are alive and must eat. For fungi sugar is their food. Ever had serious sugar cravings? I bet you have.

You might currently be struggling with your weight. You may even be eating very little. Which, when you tell other people, is probably not believed. If you’re bloated, gaseous, and overweight, have intestinal problems such as bloating, belching, gas, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion or reflux then the chances are good you have a parasitic fungal infection.

If this describes you then you also probably crave potatoes, pasta, soda, bread, sugar and even alcohol. If so then the fungi have control of your body. The cravings you’re feeling are the fungi’s craving for food, so they can live. No organism gives up its life easily.

If you stop feeding them by cutting out certain foods for 14 days, such as those mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will likely experience a healing crisis as the fungi die off. It isn’t pleasant nor in any way fun. But the alternative is not even an alternative.

You should know good bacteria in the digestive tract aid the wave like movement of the intestines that actually moves the digested matter through the system to the bowel for elimination. I know when I’ve gone off the rails a little with my diet my digestions slows right down. As a direct result I put on at least 2 – 5 lbs of weight almost overnight.

The extra weight is from food I’ve previously consumed not leaving my body on schedule while I continue to consume more food. Optimally you should be off to the toilet within about 30 minutes of eating your last meal.

So to lose weight you will need to overcome any parasitic fungi infection you might have. Until you do you will continue to crave and even binge on food and drink that are making you fat and unhealthy. You simply will not be able to control your cravings because your body is not your own. It’s time to take it back.

Read my article about how to overcome candida and other fungi infections to learn how I regained control of my body from a rampant parasitic fungus infection that had been making me sick for most of my life. The point of today’s article was to increase awareness of this issue and why it is important.

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