I know I’ve been guilty of this one. You’ve summoned up the will to stick with your dietary resolution throughout the working week. But now it’s the weekend and you feel like letting your hair down. You probably feel the need to blow off some steam. To release the stress that has built up from the last five days of deadlines and an abrasive stressed out boss.

The reality is if you give in and indulge on the weekends and holidays, even if you eat healthy all week, you’re going to struggle to keep the weight off. What I found personally when I was indulging on weekends was my weight would gradually go down over the course of the working week and then spike back up by the end of the weekend.

The real secret to weight loss and health that far too few people are willing to tell you is simple. Are you ready? The secret is – you must change your lifestyle. I said simple. Not easy. Research published in the journal of Obesity suggests overindulging on weekends and holidays will slow your weight loss.

Today’s daily weight loss tip isn’t all doom and gloom however. There is a rule called the 80/20 rule which means 80% of the time you eat super clean fresh fruit, vegetables and quality protein. Then for 20% you might enjoy one or two beers or a small piece of dark chocolate.

The tendency when we eat to release stress is to binge. Many processed foods in the supermarket are actually chemically designed to make you keep on eating them. Did you know that? Ever wondered why you just couldn’t stop eating those chips? Now you know. The best way to not binge on these sorts of foods is to not have them in the house. Don’t even walk past them in the supermarket when you’re shopping!

So go ahead and treat yourself but know that by treating yourself I mean eat or drink something that is healthy that you don’t have often. If you have something that isn’t so healthy have a small amount and only have a small amount in the house. I don’t mean go eat a tub of ice cream or a block of chocolate in a day. I’ve done the latter and you just are not going to continue to lose weight while you do this. No matter how good you are during the week.

In the end weight loss and physical health is all about building a lifestyle that is healthy. If you live a healthy lifestyle then you will be healthy and keep the weight off. Don’t make the mistake though of comparing what your lifestyle is like to those around you. Most people are on a one-way ticket to disease. Just because you do a little better then them doesn’t count for much. Aim high brothers and sisters. Aim high!

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