Balanced Existence (BE) recently surpassed 150 articles since its inception. All BE articles ever written are contained within the archives. However, many of you have joined BE since the early days of frenetic activity. So now is a fantastic opportunity to share with you a selection from the early days that are part of the best of BE.

  • Fear, Hate & Letting Go: A personal account regarding confrontation with fear in which I forced myself to face fear completely alone. This was a personal experiment in coming to know fear intimately, to know fear for what it is and let it go. Like a muscle held under tension for too long that eventually and spontaneously gives up, relaxes and lets go. This is an account of my adventure alone in a very isolated part of the Australian bush and some of the thoughts and personal growth that occurred as a result.

  • Interdependence, or Why We Are All One: This post takes a look at some very interesting science such as the discovery by Fritz-Albert Popp that all living things, from the most basic single-celled organisms to the most complex organism such as humans, emit a constant current of tiny particles of light called photons.

  • Your Imaginary Boundaries are Making You Unhappy: This post was inspired by a meditation I was enjoying at the time and examines the nature and source of the boundaries we create for ourselves. This is an important topic because our imagined boundaries cause many of us to feel isolated, alone and depressed. They stop us from ever really loving anyone. The vast majority of love as expressed by us humans is conditional. We are all deeply selfish in the very sense of the word. This is a direct result of seeing ourselves as separate. We are thus ignorant of the manner of our real existence. With such a state of affairs it is difficult to see how our love could be anything but conditional.

  • How to Stop Procrastinating, Get Motivated & Achieve: This was a Neuro-Linguistic Programming inspired post that explains a powerful mental programming exercise that I personally used to really get myself going again and motivated after physically recovering from chronic fatigue.

  • Your Life is What Your Thoughts Make It: Probably the most vital lesson we can learn in life is the importance of what we think. Some say that if they knew what you think, they would know what you are. Indeed our thoughts make us what we are. If we think failure we will fail. If we think of lack and worry we will have lack and worry. If we think happy thoughts we will be happy. This is possibly one of the most important articles I’ve ever written.

  • The Power of an Inner Smile and the Law of Entrainment: Practicing an inner smile is a powerful practice indeed. A few years ago I decided to try an experiment. I had been reading about the secret of the inner smile and wanted to test it under the pressure of modern life. This article recounts my experience and examines something I call The Law of Entrainment.

  • How to Overcome Daily Fatigue and Tiredness: Having overcome a long struggle with diagnosed post-viral chronic fatigue I’m somewhat of an expert in healing fatigue. This article looks at a very common cause of daily fatigue and tiredness that most people are completely unaware of and how to fix the problem so you don’t feel like the walking dead all the time.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief journey back in BE time. I encourage you to check out the archives from time to time and if you haven’t already you might like to subscribe to BE by using the form below. That way you can receive all the latest articles free in your email.

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