As promised in Cauliflower vs. Bread here is a recipe that is pure genius for getting a whole lot more fibrous non-starchy vegetables into your daily diet in a way that tastes great! In this particular case that vegetable is Cauliflower. If you don’t happen to like cauliflower I ask you to please hold your prejudice until you’ve actually tried this cauliflower mash. Remember, you don’t actually know until you try – an important life lesson.

The fibrous vegetable category includes amongst many others: celery, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, cucumber, asparagus, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, bock choy, eggplant, leek, and zucchini. If you turn your nose up at that list know that it’s time you got over your childhood tantrums and learn how to cook or prepare these wonders of nature in a way that tastes fantastic. It is possible.

You need to make friends with the plants that will gift you with a high quality of life by consuming them. I see this very clearly as a cycle of love. I love plants and when I eat them, they love me back. As a side note I have the same relationship with the meat I eat. I’m thankful for their energy and their health so that I too may be healthy. We can’t be healthy if we eat sick plants and animals.

1 whole Cauliflower head
Butter (or a substitute if you feel you must but they aren’t doing you any good)
Real salt (not sodium chloride, also known as table salt, which does not appear in nature)

Optional Ingredients
1 head of Garlic
Cottage cheese or grated cheddar
Anything else you might like to experiment with!

The Process

Get your whole head of cauliflower and slice into smaller chunks. Wash said smaller chunks.

Get your steamer on the stove top and get the water boiling. While that is happening cut your cauliflower up into smaller pieces and then put them in the steamer.

Cut up the garlic if you’re going to use it and put the garlic slices on top in the steamer. Put the lid on the steamer and let it steam away for about 15 minutes.

When it’s done, let it cool slightly and then spoon the cauliflower (and garlic) into a food processor. Puree the cauliflower for a few moments and then add some butter, salt and pepper to taste. Puree some more until the mixture is the consistency of nice smooth mashed potatoes.

If desired the cauliflower mash can be quickly reheated.

I’ve found that it stores quite well in a sealed container in the fridge so you can make a big batch and eat it over a couple of nights. It goes well with lots of things including the leftover beef stroganoff I had for breakfast. Eat your cauliflower mash with some steak and celery. Eat it with poached eggs and butter fried onions. Experiment!

Wrapping it Up
What I’ve been trying to do here on Balanced Existence starting with The Myth that Sugar Causes Type 2 Diabetes is a Myth is to show you that you do not need to eat starchy filler as a staple of your diet. Bread, pasta and potatoes are all comparatively high starch and low fiber foods. This means they are high and quick energy foods. You only need so much energy to move through your day. Consume too much energy and your body will store it for later. That means you will get fat and eventually you will get sick.

What your body really needs to be well is nutrition. There is a world of difference between nutrition and energy in the form of carbohydrates. In our modern world of excess plenty we rarely want for energy. I’ve fasted on nothing but water for up to 14 days a number of times in the past. I did not run out of energy and no one would have called me fat at the time.

While writing this article I’ve consumed a lunch that included a small piece of grass fed steak from last night, two sticks of celery, an avocado, a tomato, a handful of walnuts, a handful of olives and a slice of organic cheese. It was a feast and I feel better after eating than I did before! That tells me I ate the right thing. What need for bread? Sandwiches are not easier. Sandwiches are not quicker. Sandwiches are simply what you have always done.

What your body longs for is nutrition. Learn how to give it what it needs and may you be well.

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